MISSION STATEMENT // enjoy every moment

Jewelry for special moments in life. Every day, every moment in our lives is special and worth living. We produce and distribute jewelry that reminds us of these moments. CRYST ALP jewelery makes people shine.

Crystalp stands for regionality, our Alps, crystals, passion, creativity and every moment. The heartbeat of Crystalp GmbH has been Jutta Recheis since May 2022. Jutta runs the company with lifeblood and passion, these properties sparkle in every piece of jewelry and make the wearer shine!

The hand-drawn crystal in the CRYST ALP logo represents the crystal as the core material of our jewelry, while the sketchy represents the creative process.

Inspired by the environment in which CRYST ALP jewelry is created, extraordinary pieces of jewelry are created twice a year (summer and winter collection) and innovative , fashionable designs developed.

CRYST ALP products are in Austria designed and developed. The prototypes are put through their paces in Wattens before the jewels go into production. Thanks to the final production in Wattens, we can ensure the best quality.

The address of CRYST ALP is also a program. 500 shop partners and wholesalers worldwide are supplied from Wattens/Tyrol, in the heart of the Alps. Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy are the core markets of CRYST ALP, but we can also count partners in distant countries such as the Fiji Islands, New Zealand or the United Arab Emirates among our customers.

MISSION // small, fine, personal!

 CRYST ALP is considered an insider tip in the fashion jewelery industry and embodies the idea of ​​an exclusive product that is closely intertwined with the environment in which it is created. CRYST ALP offers the right jewelery for every mood and every occasion and helps its customers to emphasize their personality. True to the motto "express yourself", every woman can give her personality more charisma and expression.


Also the team from CRYST ALP can convince through personality. As a small, flexible team CRYST ALP responds individually to customer inquiries, always focuses on the consumer and can react quickly to market developments.


VALUES // we care!

  • The corporate culture is aimed at independent and responsible employees who are CRYST ALP are challenged and promoted!
  • Our internal and external cooperation is based on respect, responsibility, team spirit and partnership!
  • We are creative and innovative, we have the courage to innovate and we are confident that this will lead to success!
  • We make our customers' challenges our own!
  • We act sustainably, environmentally and health-consciously!