CRYSTALP only manufactures nickel-free jewelery from high-quality materials. The pieces of jewelry are also refined with an 18-carat coating of rhodium, rose gold, ruthenium or a 14-carat gold coating.

Nevertheless, like all fashion jewellery, CRYSTALP jewelery requires a high level of care in order to guarantee a long service life and long-term enjoyment for the wearer.

Therefore, please note the following recommendations.


Scratches can be avoided if you store your jewelry individually. This is especially important with the pearls. The original packaging is best.

What to avoid

Your jewelry could be damaged by direct contact with cosmetics and detergents. Therefore, please remember to only put on your jewelery after you have applied perfume, creams or hairspray. Also, remove your jewelry before you take a bath or shower, visit the sauna, exercise, or when you go to bed.

Cleaning & care

Occasional polishing with a soft cloth preserves the original shine of your jewelry. If your crystal jewelery is very dirty, rinse it carefully with lukewarm water and clean it with a soft toothbrush. Then dry it with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Crystal jewelry should not be placed in water. Do not use detergents or ultrasonic cleaners.

Cleaning your crystal beads

The pearls must not be washed. Please clean them with a dry cloth.